Agriculture insurance plays a big part in the agricultural sector by protecting agricultural risks and securing futures. We understand the importance of food for society and that agriculture touches everyone.  It is difficult to secure a farm, because of the size of the property.  Farmers has a high level of exposure to risks, which can result in significant damage to both personal and commercial assets, not to mention rising interest rates, food prices, input and production costs and a decrease in the producer’s securities; all of this makes Crop Insurance a necessity.

For Agriculture insurance that protects what’s important to you, contact Status Insurance Brokers, or submit your details and we’ll call you back. Your farm is more than your business, it’s also your home. Your farming business, personal assets, and related liability risk can be protected under ‘one policy’.

This product caters for not only your established farmer but also your emerging farmer who requires credit products that can be secured with crop insurance policies.

  • Wine farms, vines, estates with farming activities, cattle farms, all types of farming
  • Covers damage you are legally liable for in the event of a fire starting on your farm and spreading to neighboring farms
  • The settlement of pivot irrigation systems on replacement value
  • Cars, bakkies, trucks, trailers, tractors, combines and farm implements as a result of an accident, theft or hijacking
  • Damage to tyres of agricultural tractors, harvesters and agricultural implements
  • Liabilities : hunters liability/liability due to your animals/dam walls breaking or overflowing/buildings etc
  • Death of yourself or any of your farm workers
  • Pivot irrigations systems
  • Death of your livestock

In South Africa the agricultural market is one of the most important market segment for our country.  Agriculture contributes +/- 10% of formal employment and around 3% of the nation’s GDP. South Africa is 1 of the world’s largest producers of grapefruit, cereals, maize, castor oil seed, pears, and fibre crops. The dairy industry alone consists of over 4,300 milk producers, which provides employment for 60,000+ farm workers and contributes to the livelihood of 40,000 others.

Agriculture insurance is becoming sophisticated and complex. Farmers need good advice, and we believe that as a professional broker to give them the right insight on how they can cover their assets the best possible way.

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