Never before has it been this important to have trucking liability insurance. The National Truck Drivers’ Foundation has cautioned its members against acts of violence during its planned national strike on Monday. Over the past week, messages have been doing rounds on social media calling for a national shutdown of major routes.

Speaking at a National Press Club event highlighting the issue of criminality in the truck industry, Danie Day, a private investigator who monitors cases of truck hijackings and attacks for insurance companies, said his office has been investigating between 30 and 40 cases of truck attacks a month. Insurance claims linked to violence against trucking companies have risen more than six-fold in the first part of the year compared to a year ago. The RFA said 213 truck drivers were killed in the past year. However, it is still unclear how many of these deaths were linked to protests.


Truck owners speaking on condition of anonymity, said: “They have to keep their trucks on the road to be in business, but they are very concerned about their trucks.”

According to the June 2016 report from the National Traffic Information System (eNATIS), there are 369 456 registered trucks (heavy load vehicles GVM > 3500 kg) in South Africa.

Heavy Haulage Transport Businesses

As the main role player in trucking liability insurance, Status Insurance Brokers have become very much aware of road safety challenges in South Africa, especially those facing the road freight industry. It is also estimated that about 30% of all the traffic on the highways are heavy vehicles, not to mention that it is to believe that 400 000 truck drivers are unlicensed or incorrectly licensed.

Trucking liability insurance, also known as primary liability, pays for injuries and property damage you may cause others when operating your truck. Depending on what you’re hauling and how far you’re hauling it, it can get quite complex as to what the rules are.  Whether you have one truck or a fleet, Status Insurance Brokers not only provide a tailored truck insurance policy for Heavy Commercial Vehicles, we assure you are covered for the unexpected.  Insurance is all about the fine print and that’s where our expertise lies.

Status Insurance Broker has partnered with the best insurance companies to ensure that we are able to render cover solutions unique to your Transport Business. Contact us today and find out how our Trucking liability insurance can safeguard your valuables and qualify for our rebates on premiums.



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