As many people lock up their houses and head to holiday destinations, there are three forms of  holiday insurance issues which people should ensure they have take care of before departing on vacation.

Motor vehicle
Personal Accident Cover
Personal Property Cover

Status Insurance Brokers reminds holiday makers not to let their guard down over the upcoming holiday period. Before going on your well deserved  vacation, you’ll want to make sure that you have sorted your holiday insurance issues before you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Important Holiday Insurance Issues

Organise a reliable person to house-sit for you.
Confirm with you insurance broker that your buildings and household insurance is up to date.
Check the activities you’re planning are covered.
Protect your portable possessions.
Make sure your kids are covered.
Update your will.
Invest in funeral cover.

Increased Crime Levels over Holiday Seasons

Remember that crime levels increase in South Africa over the festive season. If you receive mail at home, ask a neighbour to collect it so that it isn’t obvious that no one is home. Don’t leave a spare key under the carpet by the front door. Rather leave it with a trustworthy neighbour or family member.  Tell anyone who may need to visit the house where to get the key. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Cutting out the pages of a book to store jewellery can be a great way to stop criminals from stealing your valuables.

Preventing Accidents on the Busy Roads

Notoriously December has already been marred by carriageway carnage. Preventing accidents on the busy roads should be a main focus point.  According to Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, who is expected to release a preliminary report on the festive season’s traffic fatalities later today, at least 80 people have died on the country’s roads since the beginning of December.

“The volume of traffic has increased significantly particularly on those routes linking us to other provinces, your R61 from the Western Cape as well as the N2 via the Garden Route, you can see a number of taxis there faring people home.”

Given the latter we need to be realistic about life’s ups and downs even before the holidays: “It’s not something we like to talk about, but given the realities, adequate death and disability cover are practically non-negotiable – especially for people with children and families to take care of.

Whether your home for the holidays is a scenic road trip, a cosy tent and caravan in the bush or the simple pleasures of rest and relaxation at your very own ‘home sweet home’, make sure you take care of all your holiday insurance issues. important safety checks and balances so that nothing comes between you and a well-deserved break.


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