Did you apply to go under debt review, or tried to restructure your monthly expenses? Why not get credit protection insurance and ensure all your outstanding accounts in a single one credit protection policy? Credit protection insurance covers you in the event of permanent or temporary disability, unemployment, the inability to earn an income, or death.

Our credit protection insurance offers the following benefits:

  • Death – we settle the account
  • Temporary Disability – we pay your installment for 12 months
  • Permanent Disability – we settle the account
  • Critical Illness – we pay your installment for 3 months
  • Retrenchment – we pay your installment for 12 months
  • At a rate of R2.95 per R1000 unsecured/short-term credit and R2.00 per R1000 on Mortgages, you can now insure your debt for less.

Think about the risk of not having credit protection insurance?

Without credit protection insurance in place, you may face the possibility of the following risks:

  • You will still be required to make your monthly repayments even if you are disabled or retrenched
  • Should you pass away, your family may inherit your debt and have to find a means to settle it on your behalf
  • You could incur a negative credit score, which may impact on your future ability to apply for credit.

For further information please speak to Status Insurance Brokers.

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