Small, medium and large enterprises as well as the public-sector are increasingly offering or enforcing “work from home” policies, and social interactions are becoming confined to video calls, social media posts and chat programmes.  Many local businesses are disseminating information via digital means.  Restaurants now moved from open to close and mostly rely on home deliveries.  We never could have imagine a total lockdown of countries all around the world.  Who would have thought that our only means of communication would soon be limited to cyber activities and going online.  Now is the time to contemplate the COVID-19 and our own personal cyber security issues.

The COVID-19 is not longer only about Health and people dying. It is far more reaching than any of us could have imagine. Think about it. In a pandemic of this scale the world at large dependency on digital communications multiplies. The Internet has almost instantly become the channel for effective human interaction and the primary way we work, contact and support one another.

The sooner we realise that we may not be affected by COVID-19 directly but by our lack of maintaining proper cyber security practices.  Imagine the impact, of a cyber attack that deprives organisations or families of total access to their devices, data or the internet.  The impact could be devastating and even deadly:

As the world shuts down with COVID-19, we all are very much aware of our vulnarbilities, not only on a health level but also when it comes to Cyber.  Everyone is searching for information about the cure for COVID-19, tempting us to click tempting links purporting to be from some or the other reliable source.  Now is the time to be very much aware of of hackers preying on our understandable anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic.

In a worst-case scenario, broad-based cyberattacks could cause widespread infrastructure failures that take entire communities or cities offline, obstructing healthcare providers, public systems and networks. Pay attention to trusted sources of data on the spread and impact of COVID-19, be sure to update your system software and applications regularly to patch any weaknesses that may be exploited.

Everyone’s personal behaviour is instrumental in preventing the spread of dangerous infections both online and in the physical world.

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